Wild Child Face Coverings for Kids

We are so excited to announce that we have diverted from hats a bit and added child-sized face coverings to the shop! We saw the need and wanted to make comfortable options for kids in fun prints. We now have masks, gaiters, and face shields! Plus ear savers to help make the masks more comfortable and PM2.5 filters to add an extra layer of protection to the masks and gaiters.

We will be adding new styles all the time, so check out what we have to offer here!

Small girl wearing child sized light blue face mask

Our masks measure 7 inches across and 4 inches in the center. They have elastic ear loops that are adjustable. If the mask is a little too big, add the ear savers to get the perfect fit! All of our masks have a filter pocket, but the filter is totally optional. Our masks made with a cotton layer against the face and a printed outer layer and they are machine washable.

Little boy wearing a neck gaiter face covering around his neck. Shark print, boy style

Gaiters are a good option if you have a child that is unable to wear a mask for extended periods of time. They can wear it around their neck when not needs and pull it up over their nose when protection is required. They can also wear it up in their hair as a headband when not in use. There is a filter pocket for the use of the optional filter.

Face shields are another weapon in the arsenal we can use to protect our children. Our shields were designed exclusively by Wild Child Hat Co! We wanted an option that didn’t require being worn around your child’s forehead, because that gets uncomfortable after long wear. So we had fun, colorful glasses made that the shield attaches to! They get so wear fun glasses and have an extra layer of protection! They also come with a plain shield, no cartoon characters or words on them that you may see when you search for children’s shields.

Ear savers are included in all of the bundles that contain face masks. They are soft and flexible with three size settings to get maximum comfort and the best fit. We also have adult sizes that you can add to your order!

Also included in all bundles are PM2.5 carbon filters. The ones we offer are the child small size that will fit comfortably in their smaller mask.

Two little children, boy and girl, playing outside on a blanket by the water. Wearing colorful, fun print, child size face masks. Dinosaur, light blue

We hope our masks, gaiters, and face shields make adding face coverings to your daily routine a little more comfortable and even fun! And keep an eye out, because we will be adding more prints all the time!

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