My Registry Essentials for our Second Baby

Coming up with a baby registry for your first baby is HARD. For us it involved a TON of research, pouring through the latest version of Baby Bargains, test driving strollers, scratching our heads in the car seat aisle, and having to make important decisions on things we had zero experience on. It is overwhelming, to say the least. But the second time around? So much easier! The strollers are already purchased, you have a lot more knowledge about what you want to look for in a car seat, and the second baby will get a ton of hand-me-down stuff (I hope he looks good in pink).

So, when you are a been there, done that mom and you are making a registry for the second time, life is easy and hopefully you have learned from your first go-around at parenthood and can add some really smart and helpful items to your list! I am working on mine for Wild Child #2 and want to share some of the highlights and essentials from the list.

The first time around, I made my registry at BuyBuyBaby and really enjoyed the personalized help they gave us while we built our registry. This time, I am taking the easiest route and making it on Amazon. This is not a sponsored post, but there are some affiliate links to the products I love.

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

With my daughter, I chose to breastfeed. While the first few weeks were HARD, with a tongue and lip tie and lots of exhausting hours trying to figure it all out, we had a very successful journey and I, if all goes well, plan to do it again with our baby boy.

The Haakaa pump is something that I discovered way after the initial days of nursing and something that I wish I had back then. I had a crazy letdown and would have loved to have this suction on to the unused side to to help me collect that milk usually lost during letdown and save for later. Especially since I will have a big sister waiting for her turn to feed baby brother, so having some pumped bottles on hand will be very helpful. And Dad can take feeding duty a ton while I get an extra nap! I still have my old insurance issued Madela In Style Advanced electric pump that I rarely used and an amazing Madela manual pump that I need to find and sterilize for the future. The manual pump was a lifesaver to get a quick bottle ready if I ever needed to leave my daughter with a sitter or Dad for a few hours.

Veer or Keenz Stroller Wagon

I got really lucky and had a friend sell me a Bob Duallie stroller that is in amazing shape, so I do not need a traditional double stroller. Plus I have my single Bob, BabyJogger City Mini GT, and a Summer Infant 3D lightweight stroller, so I think I am set in that department. Although I add the Britax car seat adapter and food tray attachment for the Bob Duallie to the registry.

But what I really have my eye on are the new stroller wagons. This wasn’t a thing when I made my first registry, but I am all over them this time! I am still debating between which stroller wagon I want, but I really think one of these wagons will be a lifesaver with an infant and a toddler. Although they aren’t allowed at Disney anymore, we are frequent zoo visitors and having one of these on hand will be perfect.

The two top brands are Veer and Keenz. They both have great attributes, but I love that the Veer has a ton of accessories, like an infant sleeper system and car seat attachment, that you can add on. But it goes out of stock often, so I may switch my registry to the Keenz, which is supposed to be an amazing stroller wagon, but without the extra accessory options. I do love that both options fold up pretty nicely to store in the back of the car. One extra bonus is that with the Amazon registry, you can choose to make higher priced items eligible for “Group Gifting” to allow people to contribute smaller amounts towards the purchase of the product. How awesome is that?

Fawn Diaper Bag

The idea of chasing around a toddler, while also caring for a newborn, has really put a new perspective on the items I am adding. My first go-around, I had an over-the-shoulder diaper bag. It was big and bulky and I actually ended up rarely using it. This time, I am trying to think strategically and looked for a backpack style bag that I can store my nursing and diapering items as well as toddler snacks (and her amazing cooler Packit bag that I am obsessed with), toys, bathing suits, change of clothes…the list goes on. I need something easy to wear that gives me two usable arms and nice storage.

I have had my eye on the Fawn bags for a while and decided to add one of their bags to my registry. They are faux leather, have backpack straps, and tons of pockets and storage space. I think it will fit my many needs!

Ollie Swaddle

I know it has been less than three years since I had my first child, but I feel like so many amazing products have come to the market, or maybe I have just been paying more attention lately. I had a few different swaddle options before, but I didn’t put a ton of effort into making them work. Once my daughter started busting out of a traditional blanket swaddle, I really stopped wrapping her.

This time, I want to try to find a swaddle product that we can use for a few months, since I will want a baby that can nap through a toddler hurricane and any little bit may help. Maybe. I have my eye on the Ollie swaddle because it is easy to use, no more mysterious burrito wrapping. I mean, how can the hospital nurses get such an amazingly tight swaddle in two seconds? They make it look so easy and then you get home and the thing falls off at the first twitch the baby makes. This takes the guesswork out of the swaddle with easy to use velcro panels and stretchy, breathable material. I love that the material is moisture wicking, since this baby will be born into the late Florida summer.


With our daughter, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper, but I was SO intimidated to start. I bought a wide variety of options to figure out which ones I liked, but before we went to cloth, we had her in disposables during those first few weeks of constant diaper changes. Also, the blue line made tracking pees for the pediatrician a ton easier. I am really excited to try the new Hello Bello diapers for the first few weeks, so I have added some newborn and size ones to my registry.

Also, after two and a half years of cloth diapering, I know which diapers are my favorites. I plan to purge a lot of the other brands I have collected on the cloth diaper buy sell trade pages and replace them with boy-ish styles of the BumGenius 5.0 pocket diapers. Those have been my all-time favorites and I would love to have a stash of just the BumGenius diapers. I also added a few packages of WaterWipes, because those are my favorite wipes. No crazy fragrances or extra stuff added. Just my style.

Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano

We still have our old play mat, baby swing, Momaroo, 4moms pack and play, high chair and all the big things. But one baby item that all my mom friends had, and swore by, that we never got, is the Kick and Play piano. It is apparently hours of entertainment when the baby is still only laying, but wants to kick their feet and begin to play. So, I added that to try it out.

Random Baby Necessities

Of course, every new baby needs a new Nose Frida, it’s basically a must have. I added a bottle of my favorite Live Clean baby shampoo and body wash and also added the Hello Bello shampoo to try it out. I have heard it smells amazing! And I have always wanted a forehead thermometer, since the alternate option in an infant is not so fun. So I added this one to my list.

Since we are going from a girl baby to a boy baby, I added some small items such as Aden and Anais receiving blankets, crib sheets, and car seat canopy that aren’t totally pink and floral. Although, he will have no shortage of pink things to use.

I have a few more odds and ends I need to add, but this is the bulk of my registry. While I won’t have a huge baby shower like I had with our first baby, I love having a list of my needed items in one place that I can use the great 15% completion discount off of eligible items to purchase any and all of the items once the baby is here. Click here to find out more about the Amazon Baby registry and sign up!

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