Toddler girl in orange polka dot trucker hat

Meet Two Bits

Two bits is a sporty and fun trucker hat for kids with orange polka dots on navy blue bill and mesh. Check out for more trucker hats for kids that are perfect additions to your kid’s spring and summer fashion.

Meet Two Bits, our most gender neutral trucker hat with orange polka dots on navy blue mesh

Two Bits is our most popular design for both boys and girls! It is an orange water color polka dot trucker hat with navy blue mesh and visor. It is the perfect hat to wear to the beach or maybe one of your favorite team’s sporting events!

The name for Two Bits is in honor of a hallowed tradition at the University of Florida. At the beginning of all Gator football home games, an honorary Mr. Two Bits (since the original has retired) comes out into the stands of The Swamp and leads the crowd in the “Two Bit, Four Bits, Six Bits, A Dollar!” chant and the crown goes wild. It is one of the best moments of the game and gets everyone very energized. The orange and blue of this hat is in honor of my favorite team, the Florida Gators!

But don’t worry! Even if you aren’t a Gator fan, the colors can represent so many different teams! Are you a fan of the Auburn Tigers? Boise State, Illinois, Syracuse? Maybe the Denver Broncos or Chicago Bears are you favorite? Or maybe you like the NBA or MLB? The Nicks or the Mets? This will be perfect and match all your team gear!

We hope you all love Two Bits as much as we do! Go Gators!!

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