Portland Summer: The Pretty Pink Floral Trucker Hat

Meet our favorite hat of the debut collection!

Portland Summer is the pretty pink, floral, trucker hat that is the centerpiece of the Wild Child Hat Co. debut collection. This is the perfect hat for toddler girls and boys (Oh! and bigger kids and moms!) that love mature floral prints and a super comfortable hat that can be worn with all the most popular brands of children’s clothes.

When we designed Portland Summer, this print was the first one that was a MUST DO and was never, ever on the “maybe” list. There is something so fantastic about seeing a sweet little toddler wearing a beautiful and mature floral print in a fun new way. And bonus, moms can wear these sizes too! So, be sure to add it to your #twinning mommy and me wardrobe!

The name has special meaning, too! The inspiration came from the roses in the print. Our family spent a week in August in Portland, OR when our daughter was about 10 months old. The roses immediately reminded me of the day we spent in the Portland Rose Garden on a hot summer day. It was magical and beautiful and everything we thought this hat was, too!

We hope you, and your little Wild Child, loves Portland Summer just as much as we do!

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