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Parent and Child Sets Are Now Available

We are very excited to announce that we have added parent/child and sibling sets to the shop! Some of our styles come in multiple sizes and we have made it easier to get the perfect mommy and me look with discounted sets! You can choose…

Perfect Mommy/Daddy and me hats

Who doesn't love to match with their child? Whether it be mom and daughter, dad and son, mom and son, or dad and daughter, we have the perfect styles to choose from! Welcome to our Mommy and Me styles! There are currently four styles that…

My Registry Essentials for our Second Baby

Coming up with a baby registry for your first baby is HARD. For us it involved a TON of research, pouring through the latest version of Baby Bargains, test driving strollers, scratching our heads in the car seat aisle, and having to make important…
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5 Mantras every parent needs to follow

Parenthood is hard. Here are five mantras that every parent should live by to help get through the frustrating and difficult moments of parenthood.

5 Valentine's Crafts to Make with Your Toddler

In our house Valentine’s Day has never really been a big deal. We have always done something small but my birthday is the 16th so we just celebrate that instead. However, now that we have our two little girls we decided that we need to…
Winter children wearing trucker hats by Wild Child Hat Co

5 Things to do with a Toddler on a Snow Day or While Staying at Home

Today's 5 Things Friday is a guest post brought to you by blogger and mama, Mallory Herrera. Her blog, Mama on Parade, is all about helping new moms navigate the adventure that is motherhood. Portland Summer and Two Bits having fun in…
5 tips for traveling with a toddler

5 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

Today we are introducing a new addition to our website, 5 Things Friday! And to kick it off with 5 tips on traveling with a toddler, we have a guest post from blogger, business owner, and mom, Amanda Davila. Check out her tips and read…