Beach Essentials with a Baby

Summer is officially here! Especially here in Florida, where we are already roasting in the scorching heat. So that means beach season is in full swing! So many people will be making trips to the beach over the next few months. For some, it will be their first time with a baby or toddler. Living very close to the beach, I have learned a lot and I have a few suggestions that may make your trip a little easier.

Beyond the standard sun protective bathing suits, reusable swim diapers, sunscreen, and sunglasses, here are some fun additions to your beach outing that will make the day unforgettable and more comfortable for everyone!

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Waterproof Blanket

A waterproof blanket has become my number one item that I always take to the beach with me. I love the JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket because it folds up nice and small and has a shoulder strap. My hands are always full when walking to the beach, so the strap is a major plus!

Having a nice dry blanket is perfect for changing the baby, having a quick snack, or a nice place to sit the little ones that are obsessed with putting all the sand in their mouths!

Umbrella or Tent

Having a nice place to escape the sun will really come in handy during a long day at the beach. You can use it to make a place for the baby to nap or a private place to nurse. I have used a wide range of tents. I have this super easy pop-up tent for quick trips to the beach and this more substantial tent that takes a bit longer to set up, but provides a really nice shelter from the sun. I also love these umbrellas with extendable sides to really block the sun and wind. These beach umbrella anchors are really handy to use with umbrellas to get a nice and secure hole for your umbrella.

Beach Wagon

With all of the fun and useful supplies you need to get from your car, hotel, or vacation rental, you will need something easy to haul it with! I use my beach wagon every time I take my daughter to the beach. It helps me get all the stuff moved in one trip and gives me an extra arm to carry her over the hot sand. This is the one I have and here are some similar styles. I really love how easy it is to fold up and stow in the back of the car.

Beach Toys

These are essential. If you want any time to sit and quietly enjoy the beach, having a fun supply of beach toys is a must! I have a large supply of the standard buckets and shovels, but I also have some upgraded toys as well. I love these collapsible buckets for easy storage. These boats and planes are so fun to play with in the sand or in the tide pools. A durable shovel is great for digging a big hole to let them splash around in.

Breathable Babywearing

If you are bringing an infant to the beach, having a waterproof or breathable way to wear your baby will make it so much more enjoyable! I loved to put my baby in this mesh ring sling so I could walk in the water and cool off. And a breathable Tula like this Free to Grow Coast would be a perfect baby carrier for a beach walk to help get the baby to nap! It has a mesh front panel to help keep you and baby cooler.

Beach Bag

And, of course, you need a versatile beach bag to keep all of these things contained! I prefer something with lots of pockets, helps keep the sand out, and something with insulation. If you don’t have a bag with insulation, add in one of these freezer bags to keep your snacks and drinks cold.


Of course, nothing is better for the beach than a fun hat! Keep the sun out of your child’s eyes and keep your hair from getting tangled in the wind with one of our bright and stylish hats! Don’t forget to check out the adult styles so you can match your kids and get some amazing beach selfies!

What are your beach essentials? Comment below with the things you have found that help your beach trip be the best ever!

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