5 Valentine’s Crafts to Make with Your Toddler

Valentine's day crafts are fun and get your little one excited to show people some love. These five crafts will make your toddler feel special and will also make others feel special when handed something so dear. #valentinesday #craftsfortoddlers

In our house Valentine’s Day has never really been a big deal. We have always done something small but my birthday is the 16th so we just celebrate that instead. However, now that we have our two little girls we decided that we need to make it special for them. That on Valentine’s Day we will spend some family time together and also take our girls out on a little date night. This way it is a special day for them, and I do not have to worry about my birthday being looked over. So today I wanted to share some of our favorite crafts we do with our girls this time of year.

1. Heart Art

Let your child use their own level of creativity this Valentine's Day! Often times we control how they go about their crafts. With heart art you simply give the child some supplies and see where it takes them. #learningthroughart #kidcrafts

This is one of those activities that I just let the girls create. There are no guidelines and no rules for this craft. Except to not write on anything but the paper!  This is a time for the kids to let their creative juices rule and you take a back seat. This also makes a great activity for when you need to get something done in the kitchen.

All I do is set out some art supplies with a heart theme and let them go. Here is what I set out for them:

  • Hearts of various sizes cut out of construction paper
  • Sequins (Though not until I know they can handle it)
  • Crayons or Markers
  • Glue Stick
  • Hearts cut out of cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Heart stickers

I put these on a tray and let them create. It is fun to see what they create with their minds without the guidelines.

2.Valentine’s Day Person

Valentine's Day is a day of showing those around you some extra love. This little craft is simple and fun and certainly a crowd pleaser. Children will love this cute little Valentine person.

I recently created this Valentine’s Day person with paper, hot glue, and a soup can. My daughter loves it and we currently use it as our candy dish. For directions on how to make this easy craft check it out here. (You could also omit the can part and just create the person)

She was so proud of it and is waiting for a new can so she can make a “friend” for it. She tells me her Valentine is lonely.

3. Salt Heart Painting

This is a fun craft that I recently saw toddler at play (if you don’t follow her, you should. She has some great ideas!)  doing on instagram! Such an amazing idea. I have done this before with my littles but had totally forgotten about it. It is a fun easy craft which will leave them amazed as well.

First, using Elmers Glue, create a heart on a paper and then color it in with the glue.

Next, sprinkle salt, yes regular salt, on the heart like it was glitter.

Let the heart dry. And shake off some of the excess salt.

Then, get out your watercolors, and paint the salt. It is so neat seeing how the colors run on the salt. It is fun and easy and definitely a must try!

4. Piece of My Heart Craft

This is always a cute craft to send to someone special. My girls made this for the first time when my husband was overseas and sent it to him in a care package. Since then it has always had a special place in my heart. Plus, it is very simple.

Cut up some pieces of paper. (The scraps from the heart art is great)

Also cut out a giant heart out of construction paper of any color.

Next, glue the squares onto the heart. When finished glue the heart on a paper. Finally, write “I Love you to Pieces”

Super cute and your child gets to learn how to use the glue while doing a craft independently.

Valentine Heart Bouquet

This fun craft is great for creating and giving to those you love. Sending something extra to those around you this Valentine's Day!

This idea I saw from Arty Crafty Kids. It was so cute and I loved how creative the kids flowers were. It is the same basic idea as the Heart Art, however, you put the hearts on green pipe cleaners to make a cute bouquet. We had to try it and the outcome was awesome! We could not wait to hand out our bouquets to those special loved ones.

Valentine’s day is a day not just to be with your spouse or whoever, but it is also  a day to show love to those around you. We love to hand out our goodies to our neighbors, friends, and family members. It is a time to let people know they are special to you. So please take the time to not only enjoy crafting with your little today, but also show them how to show love to those around you.

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