5 tips for traveling with a toddler

5 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

5 tips for traveling with a toddler

Today we are introducing a new addition to our website, 5 Things Friday! And to kick it off with 5 tips on traveling with a toddler, we have a guest post from blogger, business owner, and mom, Amanda Davila. Check out her tips and read more from her on her blog, The Wanderful Mom.

Two Bits on the go!

5 Tips for Traveling a Toddler

By Amanda Davila, The Wanderful Mom

Traveling with kids can be tricky, and traveling with toddlers-even trickier! But I wholeheartedly believe that it is so important! Having a baby did not change my desire for travel, and although things are a little different now, I have not missed out on any travel due to my son being here!

Children gain many benefits from traveling-especially learning patience and flexibility-and they learn about the world and other cultures. When I decided to take my son on a trip by myself when he was 18 months old, I also learned patience and flexibility! Even though daddy was missed, it was the absolute best trip and I would do it again!

Here are 5 Quick Tips for Traveling with a Toddler!

1. Bring Snacks!

If you are a parent, I’m willing to bet you already know this one! However, I have been on plenty of flights and at plenty of events where there were not nearly enough snacks! Healthy, non-messy snacks are best, but if you are a toddler parent then you know they are capable of making ANYTHING messy!

Some of my favorite toddler snacks include apple slices, carrot sticks, pretzels, crackers, fruit leather and orange slices.

With snacks brings the need for hand sanitizer, lots of wipes, and a good water bottle (preferably one with a covered mouthpiece and leakfree!)

2. Take a good travel stroller!

I absolutely love my travel system stroller, but in order to break it down, it takes two hands and comes apart in two pieces…not at all convenient when traveling. I need something simple and light, but it still needs to have a decent sized basket and cup holders!

When we travel, we take an umbrella stroller that is easy to fold with one hand and stays in one piece! This is much easier when you are gate checking it, getting on a shuttle, and trying to fit it in to tight spaces! We like this one. If you have two littles who are still in a stroller, there are many great options for tandem and side-by-side strollers!

3. Pack Well!

Pack clothing for each day in a separate gallon size ziplock bag so you can easily grab it from the suitcase or dresser drawer. Trying to find a pair of toddler socks and matching clothing in a giant mess does not make for a relaxing trip. I also love using packing cubes!

4. Load up the tablet!

Toddler on an airplane with headphones and a tablet. Traveling with toddlers. Tips.

Don’t even try to judge me, sometimes it is absolutely worth it for everyone’s sanity! I am not the mom who will let my kid watch a tablet at dinner, but when we travel, a tablet loaded with movies and shows he enjoys is a LIFESAVER. When we are on a flight or long car ride we allow our son some tablet time. Don’t forget the headphones-no one else wants to hear Baby Shark on repeat!

5. Pack Light!

Be minimal, but remember-kids come with a lot of baggage!

I am a classic overpacker, but now that I have several trips with a toddler under my belt, I have found that while it is important to be prepared, it is so much easier to be minimal! Even being minimal, I still don’t even use half of what I pack.

A few tips:

-We all use baby sunblock now so we only have to bring one bottle. What other items can you share with your littles?

-Toddlers hate when the sun is in their eyes (who doesn’t!) so bring sunglasses that will stay on, and a well-fitting hat!

-Bring diapers and wipes, but if space is an issue, bring enough for your travel day(s) and then purchase more at your destination!

-Take a couple Mommy Hooks to connect your bags to the stroller. We use them to connect our diaper bag and any shopping bags and purses, to prevent them from falling off or being easily grabbed.

-If you like to baby wear, don’t forget to take your baby carrier! Being hands free is a life saver! I love this one and this one. I have them both and use them frequently.

What Do You Recommend?

I hope these toddler travel tips have been helpful, if you want more travel tips please visit my blog! What are some of your best tips for traveling with a toddler? Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook and swap tips with me and the mamas in my community!

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