Five fun, unusual, and attention keeping toys that toddler will love! Great gift ideas for second and third birthdays!

5 Things My Toddler Loves Today

Five fun, unusual, and attention keeping toys that toddler will love! Great gift ideas for second and third birthdays!

Written By: Linda McCauley

Toddlers are picky. You can buy them a million toys (doesn’t it feel like they have a million?) and they pick out the most random things to play with. It can be pretty surprising what they get super hooked on. Right now, my toddler is really into five pretty cool things that are pretty unusual, but they hold her attention and don’t drive me insane. Here are the five toys that my toddler loves these days.

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1. Ocean: A Photicular Book

This amazing book by Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann was a Christmas gift from her grandparents and even the adults were amazed by it! It is an educational book about ocean animals and the photos are animated by movement. Each photo is like a 3D movie. It is really mesmerizing!

They have other topics too, so if your child (or adult) is into dinosaurs, jungle animals, or safari animals, there is a book that they will ADORE! My daughter is super into penguins lately, so I think she may need the Polar book for Easter! Check out the ABC Animals Book if you are working on teaching the alphabet! Your child will be asking to read it all the time!

2. Horse Hopper 

Hopper Horse is a great toy for toddlers to hop all over the house on

The name may officially be “Horse Hopper” but we call ours Big Al the Pizza Donkey. There are multiple colors and versions of this crazy donkey/horse, but we have this version in green. For less than $20 (and even less if you catch it on a Prime deal or wait until Prime Day) it is hours of fun for new walkers all the way up to rambunctious toddlers. Mine loves to hop it all over the living room. She got so into it that we had to hide it for a few weeks because she would not stop bouncing it all over the house!

3. Bonikka Doll

We got our Bonikka doll as a gift from my aunt. It is such a simple doll, but she was instantly smitten by it. She very creatively named it “Toy” and she asks for it all the time. The version we have is a boy doll, with a ball cap, shorts and a t-shirt. It is a cute and simple and well made. She loves to snuggle with it and bring it with her on her swing set. She will even put Toy in her baby swing and push it.

4. Play Food

For her first birthday, Anna got a play kitchen, which she has absolutely loved! Along with the kitchen, she got a box full of play food. This box of food gets dumped onto the living room floor at least once a day. No exaggeration. It is plastic and loud and it has a million pieces, but she really enjoys playing with it. It can all be “cut” with the knife that is included on the little cutting board, everything is velcro in the center. And it has foods from pizza to eggplant to fried shrimp. And Anna can name every type of food in the box. She loves to shove the pizza in her play oven or put the apples and oranges in the refrigerator.

If you prefer the smaller sets of wooden food, anything by Melissa and Doug is a huge hit with kids!

5. SuperMOPI Toddler Ride-on Toy

Toddler riding a Mobi bike down the street

This little bike may not look like much. It is small, has no moving parts or anything flashy, aside from the wheels and handle bar, and it weighs next to nothing, but kids LOVE IT. I first gave one of these bikes to my best friend when her son turned two. As a childless adult at the time, I had no idea what type of bike to give a kid, but the reviews on this bike were over the top positive. Everyone raved about how much their kid loved it and begged to ride on it. They all commented on how they pulled it out of the package and were unimpressed, but once their kids got their hands on it, it was game over. Favorite toy in the house. The one I gifted became the favorite toy of the block and was passed down to the second child and finally donated 8 years later. Believe me, it will be well loved!

Bonus is that it doesn’t get too much speed, so you can chase you child down the street at a slow jog instead of the sprint you need with a scooter or balance bike. And when they get tired and want to be carried half a block from the house, it is super light-weight, so you can just toss it over your shoulder. It could also fit under most strollers or in a wagon.

What are some of the toys that your toddler is obsessed with these days? I love finding unusual toys that are simple and QUIET. If it comes in less than a million pieces, bonus!!!

Comment below with your favorites! And if you have one of these toys, how does your child like them?

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