Wild Child Hats are a perfect hat for sunny spring and summer days

5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials for your Toddler

Five essential wardrobe basics for your toddler that will make dressing your toddler super simple this spring. Check out www.wildchildhatco.com for more tips.

This week we have a guest post by Tiffany Sears. Tiffany is a mom of three living in Virginia and she writes about hospitality, family, and being your best self on her blog Sears in the South.

Written by Tiffany Sears

Spring is one those unpredictable seasons that you never know when it’s going to be a little chilly, rainy, warm or sunny. There are five toddler spring wardrobe essentials your toddler needs that, although they may seem basic, will take the guesswork out of day to day preparation on dressing your child. Even though these essentials can be worn everyday, they can still be stylish too.

Read on to be in the know of why these top five toddler spring wardrobe essentials are important and find out options of where you can purchase them. You will be prepared to dress your toddler from head to toe so they are ready for whatever weather the day may bring.

Wardrobe essential #1: a good hat

No matter the weather, a good hat is a must. As mentioned in this article on things to put in your diaper bag your children need a good hat to wear with the unpredictable weather of spring. It is something they will wear throughout summer as well. 

Wild Child Hats are a perfect hat for sunny spring and summer days

Why is a hat so important? They not only help keep little ones heads dry with rainy spring weather, but are also instrumental in helping keeping the sun off of their face and shoulders. This results in less chance of sunburn or the sun being in their eyes and often eliminates the need for sunglasses they won’t necessarily keep on or will break.

Some one size fits all toddler hats end up being too big which in turn don’t really serve a purpose. They fall down covering your child’s eyes or don’t stay on their head at all. We like these hats! You can adjust them for a custom fit, so they will be wearable for years to come.

Wardrobe essential #2: jacket or cardigan

Wild Child Hat Co floral hats are a great option for your spring and summer styles

Early spring weather often results in chilly mornings, but by noon it is sunny and warm. A nice jacket helps you layer your toddler for changing temperatures and there are many options for boys and girls. If you want something a little dressier for your daughter, go with a cardigan. 

These cardigans at Old Navy are simple, but will look nice on your little lady:

And of course, jackets can be found at pretty much any of your favorite children’s stores. We are loving this sweet trench coat from London Fog that you can find on Amazon!

Wardrobe essential #3: a comfy tee

This goes hand in hand with the jacket. It is something that can worn by itself on the warmer days or layered with the jacket for cooler days. They may be simple, but they are staples you can pair with just about any pair of pants, jacket or cardigan.

Burt’s Bees Baby has nice organic cotton tees (you can buy them in a bundle of three) for comfort and breathability.

Wardrobe essential #4: a good pair of pull on pants. 

Not only do you want something that is easy for your toddler to pull on and off easily to promote independence in dressing, but also something easy for those days of potty training. Investing in a pair that is well made and durable is key for toddlers. A quality pair of pants will hold up from getting holes in them when your busy toddler is climbing, crawling and playing around.

Carters has some durable pull on pants for boys and girls. The boys department offers a selection with reinforced knees. These joggers are really in style this year!

Wardrobe essential #5: waterproof shoes

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Not only does spring tend to produce more puddles, but also for those of you that live in climates that get more snow you get extra puddles from the melting snow. And of course, there is something about a puddle that attracts toddlers.

Rain boots are a good option for days you have to go somewhere and it is already raining or you know it’s going to rain. However, sometimes rain pops up unexpectedly. Having a pair of waterproof shoes for everyday wear can help save an outfit from being soaked in seconds on those days you aren’t sure about the weather and wouldn’t necessarily dress your child in rain boots.

If you choose rain boots, the ones with handles on the top are great for helping toddlers pull them up on their own. For waterproof shoes some options include SeeKaiRun waterproof shoes or Keen winter boots.

Figuring out what to dress your toddler in doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these five toddler spring wardrobe essentials and you will surely be prepared. Tell us, if you left dressing up to your child what would they pick?

Five essential wardrobe basics for your toddler that will make dressing your toddler super simple this spring. Check out www.wildchildhatco.com for more tips.
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