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5 Mantras every parent needs to follow

Parenthood is hard. Here are five mantras that every parent should live by to help get through the frustrating and difficult moments of parenthood.

This week’s #5thingsFriday guest post comes from Heather Ford. I met Heather on her Facebook page, Call Her Crazy, and I joined her group, Crazy Momprenuers, where she talks about all things Mom Boss and she has created a very supportive group where momprenuers can collaborate and grow.

Written by Heather Ford

Parenthood is hard, let’s face it.

And with our ever-growing culture of social media and outside information at our fingertips, parenthood can feel somewhat confusing at times.

Who do we listen to?

What advice should we take?

How can we wade through this season in life?

As a Mother of 3 (soon to be 4), I have learned a few things over the past decade to help drown out the buzzing noise of social norms and truly embrace parenthood the way that suits me.

So, here are my 5 mantras that I live by everyday and think every parent should consider the same.

1. Listen to your gut

Your instincts about your children are no joke and they are embedded in out DNA for a reason; to protect and keep our kids alive.

So when you don’t feel right about sending your kids over to a sleepover or not convinced with their doctor’s diagnosis, don’t ignore it.

Listen to your gut and follow your instincts.

2. YOU are the parent

That’s right, you’re the parent, not the other way around.

Your kids might think they run the show (and sometimes it might be essential for them to think that way, let’s be honest), but you are the one who makes the rules and sets the foundation in the home.

Even when it’s tempting to let your toddler just do whatever they want because it’s the easy thing to do, your job will become easier in the long run if you show authority from the start.

This isn’t to say to run all over them, but gently guide them as they grow into their temperments and discover the world around them.

3. All kids are different

Kids, like adults, come in all shapes and sizes and grow (mentally, physically, and emotionally) at different rates.

It’s a death trap to get caught up in the comparison game when it comes to parenting, although it might seem impossible to avoid.

We all think our kids are outstanding, and we want the world to know that, but don’t forget that children are just wired different.

If your best friend’s baby walked at 7 months and yours is still a year old and scooting around, it’s okay. They WILL catch up.

Same goes for academics, physical strengths, and emotional capacity.

Instead of worrying if your kid is up to par with their classmates, focus on their unique abilities and watch them shine!

4. You know your child best

Whatever you do, don’t give in to social norms and peer pressure from other parents.

No one knows your child best as you, and don’t forget that!

Your toddler not ready to potty train? Let it go. They don’t need to be pressured to perform ahead of their time, and it will only lead to disappointment and aggravation on your part.

Does your baby refuse to eat solids at 8 months? There could be worse things! Don’t let Grandma give you a hard time about him not eating like all the other babies on the block.

You are the parent and you know best!

5. This too shall pass

Deep in the trenches of parenthood (especially early on) it can seem like a never-ending cycle of poopy diapers, sleepless nights, temper tantrums, and constant messes, but keep this mantra close to heart; this too shall pass.

One day you’ll look back on these frustrating moments and miss them fiercely.

So take it all in, live the simple moments, and love your kids hard.

This thing we call childhood will all be over soon and if we blink, we might just end up missing it.

Parenthood is hard. Here are five mantras that every parent should live by to help get through the frustrating and difficult moments of parenthood.

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