5 Easter Basket Ideas (that don’t have sugar!)

Written by: Linda McCauley

Easter is quickly approaching and I know a lot of you are starting to think about what types of gifts to buy to fill the Easter baskets of the little ones. So for this week’s #fivethingsFriday post, I am going to share some fun gift ideas!

Easter baskets have always been a fun tradition in our family. It was never a huge, over-the-top deal, but my mom always used it as a chance to give us some fun gifts that we could use during Spring Break or summer vacation. Sometimes she threw some candy in, like those chocolate bunnies that we never ended up eating, but what we really enjoyed were the thoughtful gifts she added. Even better, when we got older, too old for Easter egg hunts, she would do scavenger hunts by giving us a clue in a plastic egg that led us on a wild chase through the house and yard until we found the ultimate prize, our baskets!

I am starting to plan for our basket this year for our two year old daughter and here are five ideas for fun gifts to add to your basket.

1. A new bathing suit

I always like to give a new swim suit as a way to start off swim season. They need one anyway, since that have probably outgrown last year’s suit, right? We are still in swim diaper styles here and I have really loved the ones by iPlay with the built in swim diaper. This is the suit I got her for Easter last year and we have loved it! This year I may go with this one. And I always have a matching rash guard to put over it at the beach.

2. Beach toys

A great companion to the bathing suit, a new toy to bring to the beach or pool is a perfect gift! Last summer, Anna really enjoyed taking the sea plane from Green Toys to the pool and I am thinking that this year I will give her the boat. And if you don’t live near the beach, water toys are always fun! A water table or a toddler pool are must haves for toddlers!

3. Books

I love to add two or three books to add to our library. I try to add some spring themed books. I love that If You Hold a Seed teaches about the magic of planting a seed and waiting for it to grow. It may help her gain interest in our backyard garden. To help teach her about the season of Spring, I plan to add Let it Rain and Abracadabra It’s Spring.

4. Summer shoes

Just like the bathing suit, the kids probably need some new shoes too, so I like to find some fun shoes like flip flops or lightweight shoes. Some favorites from last summer that I plan to add in her current size are some new toddler Reef sandals and some Natives in a few colors.

5. Bubble Machine

A bubble machine is perfect for those days that it is too hot to really do anything, but the kids want to play outside. Such a simple toy can provide hours (ok, maybe minutes, but that is still a win) of entertainment for kids of all ages. We left our outside during a hurricane last year, oops, so we definitely need a replacement this year! I think we might go with this one from 1byone.

And of course, a perfect addition to any Easter basket is a fun summer hat! We have so many options that are great accessories for spring and summer! Check out Portland Summer, our best-selling hat, or Blush Buffalo, for those perfect spring colors!

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