5 affordable brands for parents looking for gender-neutral, logo-free basics. #nofaces #nologos #nowords

5 Affordable Brands For Gender-Neutral Basics

5 affordable brands for parents looking for gender-neutral, logo-free basics. #nofaces #nologos #nowords
5 affordable brands for parents looking for gender-neutral, logo-free basics. #nofaces #nologos #nowords

Written by Linda McCauley

Are you looking for affordable options without silly sayings, big logos, or cartoon faces on them? This week our #5thingsFriday are five, well 6, you get a bonus, great brands that you will love!

1. June and January

June and January is one of my all-time favorite brands for so many reasons! The clothes are really gender-neutral, with zero words or visible logos. They are well-made and will last for months and will survive getting passed down to many kids. The price point is extremely affordable, with most items in the $5-$20 range and amazing sales all through the year. Their clothes are built to be grown into, so they last forever before they are grown out of! They offer plentiful options of basics in a rainbow of solid colors with distinct names like raspberry, bubble gum, wasabi, cobalt, and marigold. The prints they offer are simple stripes, stars, dots, or checks in coordinating colors to easily match all the solid pieces. They also have a thriving and supportive online community and treat their Perks members really well with freebies and coupon codes for major discounts. Even my husband is obsessed with their basic pants! Get them in cobalt and pair them with a Wild Child Hat Co. hat like Daisy Jean for a perfect match!

And BONUS they just launched a line for mamas so you can TWIN with your kiddo!

Thank you for the tip, Hollybbaking.com h

2. Primary

Primary is one brand that I found from very well-place Facebook ads. While I tend to try to ignore the ads that seem to read my mind, it was hard for me to resist the bright, bold colors and multiple color options in basic styles.They even have the option to shop by color! I love that they have really good sales and occasional bundle discounts. Primary is another brand that is gender neutral and a great option for hand-me-downs because it is so well made. The price point is also easy on the wallet, with items in the $5-$20 range and great sales all year. Our favorite these days is the zip-up hoodie! Pair the lilac shirt with Portland Summer for a sweet spring look!

Thank you for the recommendation craftedfromthekingdom.com

3. H&M Kids

While some of their options have pictures on them, there are tons of basic items available in their Basics Shop where you can find solid tees for less than $5 and leggings and joggers for under $15. They have gender neutral and gender specific options, but you could easily find whichever style you prefer. I am loving these star joggersfor under $15!

4. Zara Kids

Zara is similar to H&M that some options have words and pictures on them, but they also have a Basics Shop that has adorable, simple options that are extremely affordable. This sweet tank top is only $2.99. The soft pink would be a perfect match for Blush Buffalo! There are more fashion forward options available, but everything is really well priced and they have big sales throughout the year.

5. Target and 6. Old Navy

I am going to put these two together, because they are both very similar. Both are easy to get to, I mean, you go to Target anyways, so you know Cat and Jack is a brand you can easily find! And if you get the Old Navy app, you can get extra discounts! They both have tons of options with silly little sayings, but they both have a great selection of basics in solid colors, well-made leggings and pants, and fun graphic t-shirts that you may even approve of. I absolutely love the band shirts from Target and have no problem putting my daughter in a Beatles or AD/DC shirt. And you can’t beat the prices of either of these brands! Most basics items are under $10 and go on sale all the time!

What are your favorite brands? Comment below and leave a link to your favorite item!

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